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To all of those out there in the Sacramento area interested in getting a job with "Northstar Marketing" ...consider it twice..

this is a ghost company!! They presumed in their web-site that they do the marketing for Disneyland, Hyatt and other reputable corporations.. guess what?! They don't!!.

Their office is the most horrible place I have ever been at, the lady at the front desk looked like she had just woke up, the "manager" was the most un-professional individual, as soon as I walked into the room to be interview I told the "manager" that I was not longer interested in the job, she then told me to just go ahead and complete the application, so they can keep me in their system as a non-qualified candidate - Have you ever been asked/told that from an employer?.. not that I know!! - So I filled it out with fake info, when she review it she told me that I had forgoten to write down my SS# and driver's licence, and I told her no I did not.. but you don't need that kind of information, she got really upset and told me that I just had wasted her time (very professional hu?).

When I walked out of the office I check the directory and there was a different company name under their suite number. I don't know what their intentions are (perhaps identity theft).. but I don't want to be part of it. Stay away from that place and if you don't trust me..

do your research online and you won't find any legit records of "Northstar Marketing"..

also compare the information that they have in ther web-site againts what they have in or other job rearching web-sites.Be smart and don't let them fool you!

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Kelly- I think I worked with you!Didn't you have bleach blond hair?

HAHAHAHA!! Remember Jason the "hook" - AKA T-Rex? Shawn Horvath? Shane St.

Germain? Lessee here... who else... I can't believe I can't remember Norm's last name.

Then there was the indian dude- lightfoot- he was my driver for a while. Or wait blackfoot. There was a little pud from Oklahoma- real weirdo with a big nose- but he was kind of like the mascot. Dang- I forgot about that stuff.

HAHAHAHAHA!! Good Times... Some of them were awful- we were just making house payments for that big house in Balboa that belonged to Trev-Dog.

I remember they found a roach in my van once and Trevor called me a no-good-n**ger-d*ck-s*cking-hippie.That was pretty awful- but I shouldn't have been smoking and working I guess.


Hey, my name is Wayne Groover.I worked for Northstar back in I guess '97?

I worked with Dylan Woodrow, Norm, Shane Hindman, Aaron Konigawa (aka Aaron Sanchez)- lesee here the group leader was also my roomie for awhile before I went on the spur to Indie- uuuhhh Linkenhoker- Carrie Linkenhoker. I had a great time. I learned a ton. A lot about life in general.

I learned the most from Robert Ohmstead or Robert Olmstead. I would love to talk to him again at some point in this life. I didn't really care for his little red headed girlfriend.

Seemed like that was just a perk for him being a bad *** though.Trevor was as insane as they come- but ***, come to find out I'm bi-polar too- so who am I to talk?


I worked for this so called company back in '07 its nothing like I read at the website, i worked there for about a month and a half. I was good at but no hour pay so if you worked the whole day and didn't sell any thing you would lose out on your gas and food money for the day no good at all the people there where so depressive not know anything but the manager was so freaking HOT....................DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME IF YOUR LOOKING FOR A SERIOUS CAREERER!!!!!!!


These posting are funny.I work for Northstar 10 yers ago.

I must admit i'm surprised they are still able to humiliated and abuse people legal. When I worked for them i will never forget one day out in the field. one of the other employees had gotten jumped and robbed when he called to let our bosses know he was not only scolded they told him they believed he had sold the stuff for drugs then beat himself up then made him repay them. I see where some of u wrote about selling magazines but when i was there they only sold a cleaning product called amaze.

they abuse the people that work for them mentally physically.

in fact seeing how we stayed in hotels around the country at night who ever did not meet here quota or 8-10 bottle got to write affirmations for hours.Even though i go to see alot of the country Trevor looks for people to isolate and make them feel worthless


I actually got hired there and quit after the first week. I got drawn in because on Craigslist, they were advertised as sports marketing (which I am going into.) There is a first interview in their office. If you get past that, you have a "job shadow" interview. What this entails is a survival of the fittest as to who can last the longest walking home to home as they tell you all the the supposed companies they work for. After the LONG day, you end up back at the office for a final interview. I had connected with the "assistant manager" throughout the day, so I already knew I was getting the job. So I accepted.

The next day you show up and realize that there are absolutely no benefits, and it is purely commision based pay. (They explain the pay scale the job shadow day at lunch.)

Anyways, what the job entails is memorizing this selling script, and going door to door trying to get people to sign up for a free quote on their a/c, siding, facia, or a new sunroom.

Overall, I feel like I got scammed into the job. It is good money if you are willing to put in all the time and days in the sun.

If you work your way up to manager, you will be making a lot of money because you make about $10 from each commission of all the employees under you. If you are an entry level employee, you make $45 per commission, and 4 a day is good.

The whole environment though is really good with a lot of team building, and constantly trying to improve each...

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New Alexandria, Pennsylvania, United States #17930

Who ever wrote this is probably, a close minded, blurred vision individual who is not part of the 2% of scociety the market is looking for.

University, Mississippi, United States #14482

yep...! me too, I applied to this place and was offered a 2nd interview. Yippe! But the interview involved meeting/ walking around with other managers. Yeah right.

I also graduated from UC Davis, yet these crooks were trying to play me for a fool.

Some of the shady signs included:

- interviewer had an english accent, I guess that was to make him seem more crediable.

- crappy/ fake NFL, NBA, DISNEY, ect. logos plastered on the walls. I DOUBT that they represent any of these companies.

- 80s soft rock blasting in the waiting room

- too many young workers...think about it...what company ONLY hires young people? A real company would have older people somewhere in staff.

- they wouldn't tell me any concrete info about the company

- they wouldn't disclose the amout of pay.

I understand you want to get hired, but you also need a base pay, office, benefits, 401k, vacation, ect. PLEASE don't sell your self short.

University Of Richmond, Virginia, United States #10764

North Star Marketing has a main objective of exploiting young adults entrepreneurial spirits for their own financial gain. They will tell you that with hard work they will be able to own your own business and make thousands of dollars every week.

The truth of the matter is that North Star Marketing has people going door to door on a daily basis with no hourly pay, medical benefits, or paid vacation days, and expect you to motivate others to want to do the same in order to be "promoted".

They expect to have you working for close to 12 hours a day on your feet walking from house to house and business to business for strictly commission. There is no reimbursement for miles traveled or hours worked regardless of what they may tell you.

North Star Marketing does their recruiting mostly internet based and in local job fairs. I am providing links to several of the internet locations they recruit from so other people can see they way they manipulate they way they promote the opportunity to seem to be something it is not.

If you take a close look you will notice North Star Marketing tries to cover up and over promote the opportunity provided. They will tell you that they are only taking on a few people and are very selective in the people they bring on board with the company when truthfully they would try to have as many people working...

They describe the positions available as the following:

Promotional Sales / Marketing

Customer Service

Public Relations

Demographical Research

Client Relations

These are all the same entry level based position going door to door.

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Syria, Virginia, United States #10755

I put in an app with for this company and just received a phone call requesting an interivew.I did a little research online and found this posting.

Thank you all for wanring me about this company.I will not be attending any interviews!!

Pelzer, South Carolina, United States #8752

I just exited an interview session for Northstar in Sacramento a few hours ago and I noticed ALOT of red flags during my interview.

First of all, the interviewer did not ask me anything about my past experience. Its my opinion (based solely on the look of the place and the staff) that if you appear too smart on paper then you are shooting yourself in the foot.

Another oddity was that all of the staff were crammed into a small room while the interview was being conducted and blasting rap music. On the plus side, I got to listen to "California Love" as the bass notes easily passed through the thin walls.

To form some sort of media continuity, the waiting room was loud as all *** from the DVD that was blasting (a double feature of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" followed by "Hitch"). Fun fun fun!!!

I just got a totally uncomfortable vibe from the place. I thought "Maybe its me?" until I found this forum.

Be wary....

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